So, I’ve been in school for 14 months now doing M-F 5:30-9:30pm. I’m in a 15-month program and they wait til my last mod (which is working in the student clinic-basically an internship) to implement this new thing school-wide where every night we are supposed to write a journal entry discussing what we learned at school that day (or for is in clinic, something we encountered or something we hadn’t learned before that we looked up, etc.). I don’t recall ever having an assignment since starting at this school that I couldn’t do AT school during school hours-this assignment we were told specifically that we can’t do while we’re in clinic. This one is due every Monday for the week before save for the final week’s will be due on the Friday. This means I have this journal assignment from last week due tomorrow. This is how my week went:

Monday: we didn’t get very good information on how we’re supposed to do this so I will just wait til our regular instructor is in tomorrow and ask her.

Tuesday: I am so exhausted, I just don’t feel like doing anything tonight and now I have Monday’s AND tonight’s to do. I’ll just do them tomorrow.

Wednesday: I am so exhausted, I just don’t feel like doing anything tonight and now I have Monday’s, Tuesday’s AND tonight’s to do. I’ll just do them tomorrow since I’m off work.

Thursday: The funeral lasted longer than I thought. I didn’t have time to do it before school and now I am so exhausted, I just don’t feel like doing anything tonight and now I have Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s AND tonight’s to do. I’ll just do them tomorrow.

Friday: I’ll just do them all tomorrow. It’s the weekend. I’ll have all day to do it. I’ll take my iPad to the dealership with me while I’m waiting for my windows to be tinted.

Saturday: Well, I brought my iPad but they’re booked today or the tinting-even though the lady told me I didn’t need an appointment and could just show up-so I’ll just do it at home after lunch with friend. Oh, friend, you aren’t doing anything after lunch til your bf gets off work? Let’s go walk around town center for a bit! We’re done walking around-wanna go to my place and hang out? Let’s play Doctor Who and the Eternity Clock video game! I haven’t played it on 2-player yet! Holy cow! It’s 6pm! I have dinner with friends in an hour! No, friends, I can’t hang out after dinner-I have homework that I have to do tonight. *takes a shower*, *starts doing homework. Does Monday’s journal entry* man, I’m tired. I’m just gonna go to sleep and do it tomorrow.

Sunday: I need to run to Target really quick before I forget again that I need more body wash and have to continue using my shampoo. That was quick! Let me walk around town center some more. Oh yeah, Barnes and Noble-I was gonna buy Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter! I don’t know the author but I’m sure I’ll find it I I wander the store aimlessly. *after 20 min, decides to Google it* Seth Grahame-Smith. Ok. I’m not seeing it in Fiction/Literature… Oh! Fantasy/Sci-Fi - it’s probably there! Only 2 copies left. *grabs one and goes to check out* Oh, there’s a huge stack up here AND they’re on sale from $13.99 to $5.98!? Sweet! Oh, here’s Starbucks on the way to my car, might as well stop. *15 min later* alright! Headed home! Hi, roommate! Go go the gym with you? I can’t-I have homework to do that I keep procrastinating on. *spends 10 min unloading bags from Target, then gets on Tumblr to post about the week of procrastination*

Guess I better get to it so I can start reading this book. Or maybe I’ll start the book then do my homework later.